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Giampaolo Talani, 1955 - 2018

Giampaolo Talani was born in 1955 in Florence, Italy. After much artistic training, including schooling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Talani in 1979 received his first major artistic award at the age of 24 in Mantova.

Talani's style is very much rooted in the antique tradition of the master artist. As a talented draughtsman and painter, Talani utilizes his knowledge of the artistic mediums: drawing, oil painting and fresco to create his signature atmospheric style.

Figurative subject matter combines with both brilliantly intense and contemplative color, thus evoking richly developed dreamlike spaces. The gaze found in Talani's subjects only adds to this dream induced experience. Pensive and at times unnervingly inquisitive one is uncertain if Talani's figures are looking at or beyond the viewer or both. The subtle intensity of this gaze adds to the overall magnetic pull of Talani's painting. The art attracts and entices the viewer to participate in these creatively imagined spaces.

Talani's paintings are influenced by his life by the sea. Much like the ocean waves, he mesmerizes a very captive audience. Giampaolo Talani is well noted by the critics, and serious collectors of fine art throughout the world.
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Mid-August Night Two Shadows on the Beach Marine Cathedral
45.5 x 45.5 38" x 38" 45.5" x 15.5"
The Sound of Spaiggia Woman on the Wall A Windy Day
41.5" x 34" SOLD 41.75" x 34" 54" x 30"
A Summer Day Passing Between the Dunes Woman with Fish
38" x 34" 35" X 38" 41.75" X 34"SOLD
Two Figures Cathedral Marina Tracking the Whale
18.25" X 22" SOLD 33.75" X 30" 30" x 30"