Tamara G

It starts with a dedicated Founder, Tamara Gear. Possessing the gift of eye and instinct for the great Stella, Paoli and Martini.


Andrea Stella - Widely acknowledged as the most exciting abstract expressionist in Europe. Living a prolific life from a converted monastery, with his wife. His work flows from the fires of molten earth - rising and cooling in the skies of poetry connecting both, like the words of a monk spoke after years of silence. True yesterday~ today ~ forever

Stella, born to this time, yet ahead of it, bringing forth a technique lost for seven hundred years. But not anymore!

Bruno Paoli, inspired to paint his impression of this vibrant, bluegrass founder, the last of the great post-era impressionists six years passed is the find of our time. His work deepens, ferments, matures, in the cellars of consciousness waiting to be visually and emotionally tasted and celebrated by the many in the grand halls of Modigliani and Van Gogh. Tamara provides the opportunity; the invitation is extended to step into. Do not be one that says, “I wish I had of, I was there, why didn’t I?”

We knew Martini when he was Dapper, Impeccable, Brilliant and Wild. We saw people reduced to water when a rage was directed at them. An Opera singer-choir-boy-blasphemous painter. No technique to speak of - but he could toss mud at a canvas, and it would live and breathe. A force that is probably still rising from the grave.

We believed in the power of his work, the magic of his work! We were his largest buyers.

                       Tamara with Stella                            Tamara with Paoli                             Tamara with Martini