Bruno Paoli

Bruno Paoli is a modern master whose stylistic vision finds a kindred spirit in artists of the past like Paul Gaughin and Amedeo Modigliani. Gaughin's rich earth colors, flattened forms and rhythmic line quality echo Paoli's flowing contour lines and spatial organization.


Bruno Paoli with Tamara Gear, Italy
Bruno Paoli and Tamara Gear, Italy.

Modigliani's sensuous color harmony and elegantly depicted nudes relate to Paoli's reclining beauties.

As professor at the Art institute of Porta Romana from 1950-92, Bruno Paoli furthered this modern figurative style by creating his own original style.

He was born in Florence, Italy in 1915.

Upon obtaining a diploma in Art (Painting and Drawing) from the Art Institute of Florence, Bruno Paoli showed his art nationally.

A few of his memorable exhibitions were at the Galleria Fiore in 1942 and in 1943 at the Via Larga Gallery (exhibiting with B. Becchi, F. Fulli, M. Innocenti, and R. Grazzini).

Bruno's Works are exhibiting at Tamara G Gallery in Carmel CA
Bruno's Works are exhibiting at Tamara G Gallery, Carmel CA.

After exhibiting in numerous one-man shows, he received critical recognition in 1953 when he won the famed buying prize from the Gallery of Modem Art in Florence.

This was followed by the prestigious Mario Bucci award.

Currently, his work is found in the Stia museum in Tuscany and in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide.

To truly appreciate a Bruno Paoli painting all that is required of the viewer is observation.

Through Bruno's intimate expression, narrative, gestural technique, and expressive color a bonding experience occurs between the viewer and the artist's vision.

Bruno's works at Tamara G Gallery, Carmel CA.
Bruno's works at Tamara G Gallery, Carmel CA.

Within the narrative the viewer is brought to Paoli's table to participate in an intimate encounter.

In his later series this encounter takes place in his favorite scene, the cafe. Familiar with the setting and the players Bruno Paoli's oeuvre is laced with aroused curiosity, mischief making, and sensual intrigues.

In his most intimate scenes the artist has concealed himself within the background. In the foreground the viewer is confronted with the object of Bruno Paoli's attention: woman, in all her guises.

Through a teasing glance, exposed skin, an elegantly lifted eyebrow, pouting lips, serene and sensual expressions Paoli's women invite the viewer to participate in this loving enticement.

bruno paoli catalogueBruno's catalogue

Through a gestural build-up of paint, rhythmic brush marks, and expressive color, Bruno Paoli's technique is one of a master who knows his medium.

He understands intrinsically the nature of oil paint and color.

Wet-into-wet oil and a scumbling of fresh paint over dry leave evidence of residual memory, as well as a beautiful textural buildup.

Cool and warm colors are mixed to the point of flat grey, while maintaining their coloristic and emotive power.

Bruno Paoli with Tamara Gear in Italy
Bruno Paoli with Tamara Gear in Italy

One of the last of the twentieth century original modern masters, Bruno Paoli represents art of an enduring tradition—-embodying technical mastery, originality, and beauty.

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