The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
The Hiker
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The Hiker

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    Artist: Andrea Stella

    Size: 47”x27”x1.5” framed

    Medium: Mixed media on canvas

    The child of Greek immigrants raised in Italy, Andrea was destined to create.

    His first concentration in the art world was antique woodworking, which lead to pursuits through various mediums, eventually landing on a very unique process with a gold leaf base on canvas.

    Applying his woodworking skills, Andrea customized the frames to his unique canvases, blending two mediums into one. 

    Andrea was exhibited in many world-renowned museums, including the Palazzo Pitti, the Vatican Museum, and had the distinguished honor of being the first living artist to be displayed at the Uffizi.

    Shortly before his untimely passing, an exhibition was held at the Palazzo Vecchio, concluding with an award given by the municipality of Florence for his contribution to the Italian art world.

    Post mortem, his heirs executed a dream that was already in motion of an exhibition at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

    Certificate of authenticity and artist catalogue are included.

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