Shipping charges will be charged post check out, based on the following criteria:

Per painting, by size, and declared value within the continental US.

All prices reflect ground shipping.

By clicking "I agree" I authorize my card to be charged for shipping, crating, and insurance based on the rates listed.


For shipping outside of the continental US or for express shipping, please contact us for charges.


Telephone: 831-585-1543
(If emailing, please provide the destination address)


Shipping and Crating Charges

Square inches (outside length x outside width)

  • Up to 600 $140
  • 601-1000 $175
  • 1001-1400 $245
  • 1401-2000 $460
  • 2001-2400 $515
  • 2401-2800 $795
  • Over 2800: Inquire

Add $1.00 per every $100 of value